Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

Capricorn & Aries
Can a fiery rebel and a practical Earth sign ever reach an understanding? They speak different languages: one held aloft by dreams while the other has his or her feet firmly on the ground. When they know how to reinforce the Ram's audacity with the Goat's constructive spirit, they can accomplish great things. Capricorn is slow to be tamed and won over, a process which Aries tends to interrupt early if he or she does not control his or her impulsiveness. However, if Capricorn's love is allowed to ripen, the other can luxuriate in it forever.
Capricorn & Taurus
Courageous, ambitious Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn seem to be made for each other. Both value financial success and share a love of beauty, of lasting, classical foundations. Capricorn's irony charms the Bull, while the latter's expert sensuality rescues the Capricorn from his or her natural modesty. They enjoy talking together, and communication is excellent. They confide in each other, promising never to offend or betray the other. This could be a perfect couple.
Capricorn & Gemini
Initially, this would appear to be a poor match: hard-working, ambitious Capricorn clashes with Gemini's jovial, carefree spirit. But Capricorn gives mercurial Gemini some needed security, especially financially, while Gemini is a wizard at conjuring away Capricorn's worries. If love is present, Gemini's adaptability will be an asset in holding on to the Capricorn. He or she knows this is one partner who will never abandon him or her, and that really counts!
Capricorn & Cancer
A union of talents quite likely to produce harmony. Cancer is delighted to take care of the home and children while Capricorn goes out in the world to earn the family's keep. Each helps the other to fulfill an ambition, in realms that are perfectly complementary. The Saturnine personality benefits from Cancer's intuition, and the moonchild appreciates Capricorn's ability to achieve financial security. They take the time to love, understand, and cuddle each other. An ideal marriage: conventional, happy, and united for life.
Capricorn & Leo
Initially, it seems an unlikely match. These two socially-oriented signs often meet at parties and social functions, but rarely cross the threshold to intimacy. Capricorn's aridity is almost unable to accommodate the Leo's gushy sentimentality and romanticism. Though the Lion enjoys Capricornian humor, the latter's independence, self-sufficiency, and smugness quickly arouse his ire. Moreover, extravagant spending is inimical to the Saturnine. If each swallows his pride, the odd couple may succeed. If not, it won't...
Capricorn & Virgo
These Earth signs share the values of hard work, social advancement, and financial security. Although their love may be somewhat arid, they are skillful at climbing the social ladder together, and sustain each other through great effort, with unfailing loyalty. The Virgoan inspires the Capricorn and diverts him or her from a too-serious world; the Capricornian soothes the Virgoan, providing for the couple's material needs and freeing the latter's wit. If a perfect match existed, this would come close.
Capricorn & Libra
Both value a balanced family life, interspersed with social events in which the graceful Libran attracts admiration while the ambitious Capricorn makes useful professional contacts. But the Libran is liable to be disappointed with the Capricornian concept of love. The latter is so taken up with career considerations that a partner's emotional needs are not seen as indispensable. Their love may wilt in this arid climate. Such a couple is soon disunited, with each partner inhabiting a parallel universe, light years from the other.
Capricorn & Scorpio
The Scorpio admires Capricorn's ambition and determination to reach the top. The earthly realism of the latter complements the aquatic intuition of the former. Mutual respect for a social or mystical quest unites a couple animated by a shared desire for security. Their sex life is vibrant and intense. But their power struggles may be just as passionate. And when these two clash, the sparks fly! Each is too stubborn to make the slightest compromise. If this couple avoids conflict, it can reach great heights.
Capricorn & Sagittarius
They share values like ambition, success, friendship, and intellectual discussion. But the Sagittarian is optimistic, whereas Capricorn is a pessimist. The former works because he or she must to finance travel, recreation, and leisure activities; the latter could spend his or her life at the office. Soon the Capricorn becomes irritated with Sagittarian glibness, which interferes with concentration. And the latter simply realizes he or she is bored! They may travel together for a time, for each is an independent spirit. But they don't understand each other.
Capricorn & Capricorn
Both ambitious and hard-working individuals, they'll put their careers first, well ahead of their romance. Their common sense facilitates daily life and avoids idle arguments. However, their shared drive for success may sometimes be a bit dull and monotonous. In many cases, they prefer to read the newspaper in bed, instead of frolicking together. They take satisfaction in the certainty of having a loyal partner and social and financial success and security. Their relationship is long-lasting and deep, but it places few emotional demands on them.
Capricorn & Aquarius
Can love bring together two signs which seem to be fundamentally opposed? No doubt, but only for a brief moment until each wakes from a dream of harmony. Career-oriented Capricorn will sacrifice anything to scale the peaks. Imaginative Aquarius thinks only of improving the future of the world and humanity. The former is pragmatic and conservative, whereas the latter is idealistic and rebellious. Capricorn needs a tender, devoted helpmate, and an Aquarian is never home, preferring discussions with buddies to domestic bliss. What more is there to say?
Capricorn & Pisces
The profound Pisces sensitivity gravitates toward a solid Capricorn mooring, a reassuring and respectable person. But the total absence of materialism characteristic of the Pisces irritates the Capricorn, who knows what things are worth after having earned them through hard work. Discussion is difficult, due to the Capricorn's rock-hard realism. The Pisces floats in a spiritual, emotional, poetic medium. However, often the latter's pliancy makes it possible for him or her to submit to Capricorn's direction.

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